Nano-Tech Reflective Series offers optimum heat rejection with excellent clarity and color stability. Made by Nano-Polymer material that provides the best performance without any signal interference for your phone or wifi signals. Offers a stylish reflective appearance from dark to neutral shades and features industry leading solution to heat, UV and glare reduction protection, with a cool “mirror effect” for extra privacy. A popular series amongst the urbanites in city living
Film Type Visible Light Transmission Infrered (Heat) Rejection Solar Energy Rejected Solar Heat Gain Co-eficient UV Rejected
Reflective Black 7% 89% 72% 0.24 99%
Reflective Medium 20% 84% 69% 0.34 99%
Reflective Neutral 35% 75% 65% 0.38 99%
  • Sputtered ceramic construction – lighter shades with high infrared ray rejection
  • High heat rejection – helps to lower energy costs and provides a more comfortable home or office experience
  • Cuts down glare – reduces eye strain and cuts unwanted glare on computer and TV screens
  • Blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays – minimizes UV health risks to skin and eyes and reduces interior fading of furniture, wooded floors, rugs and paintings
  • CST™ scratch resistant hardcoat – long lasting durability, protection and clarity
  • Backed by Nano-Tech’s Comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty Program
  • Select from: Reflective Dark, Medium and Neutral