Nano-Tech Charcoal Series is manufactured using ultra-fine single-nano-particles of antimony tin oxide (ATO) equipped with the highest optical clarity and offering the best in heat protection and glare control. Nano-Tech Charcoal Series films is designed to provide superior protection against the sun’s heat, glare and UV radiation, while still allowing a degree of sunlight penetration.

Perfect for designer homes and offices, and shop frontages.

Film Type Visible Light Transmission Infrered (Heat) Rejection Solar Energy Rejected Solar Heat Gain Co-eficient UV Rejected
Darkview Black 10% 94% 71% 0.24 99%
Darkview Medium 15% 88% 65% 0.29 99%
Darkview Neutral 32% 84% 60% 0.36 99%
  • Hybrid construction – low interior and exterior reflectivity allows for optimal day/evening views to the outside
  • High heat rejection – helps to lower energy costs and provides a more comfortable home or office experience
  • Cuts down glare – reduces eye strain and cuts unwanted glare on computer and TV screens
  • Blocks 99% or more of harmful UV rays – minimizes UV health risks to skin and eyes and reduces interior fading of furniture, wood floors, rugs and paintings
  • CST™ scratch resistant hardcoat – long lasting durability, protection and clarity
  • Backed by Nano-Tech’s Comprehensive Manufacturer’s Warranty Program
  • Select from: Darkview Black, Darkview Medium and Darkview Neutral